Dropcam page

You can get yourself a Dropcam over on Amazon for $149, and they take all of about 10 minutes to install and have running. Yeah!

Geek Beat

Geek Beat DropCams!

The Geek House

The great new building bigger and better plus you could go to see The Geek House website

The Geek House Lounge

Located in the corner of our front lobby, and overlooking the Samsung 78″ Curved 4k 3D TV!

The Patron Wall Cam!

Also in the lounge is our Patron wall. Geek Beat Patrons at the Geeks+ level and above appear on our Patron Wall of Fame for all!

The Geek House Break Room

This cam is located in GeekHouse Breakroom

The Geek House Central

Geek House Central room cams

Geek House Central #1

Camera #1 from Geek House Central!

Geek House Central #2

Camera #2 from Geek House Central

The Geek Beat Live Set

Liveset cam where you can see cool things to happen!

Geek House Infinity wall

What is bigger-than-life, white, The 25′ x 25′ Geek House Cyclorama!

The John P. Dropcam

Place where you can see some Poz magic happen!

Geek House #2

Updesk Heaven

Geek House #5

Updesk Heaven


TWiT.tv Dropcams